About us

COMTEH d.o.o. engages in preparation of various studies, technical consulting, design, construction, device start-ups, implementation of professional supervision (FIDIC) and project management in the field of ecology and processing technique.

Our basic approach to environmental protection is introduction of new technologies that are more efficient and more economical than the existing standard solutions. Our solutions to the problem are based on the so-called individual approach to solving environmental issues for each problem separately. Our activities are mainly focused on technologies.

COMTEH d.o.o. operates in the field of environmental protection also in cooperation with leading experts from different technical fields both at home and abroad.

People with hearts fighting against pollution

Our activities are mainly focused on the following areas:

Pre-treatment of waste water

  • Physical and chemical pre-treatment, mechanical removal of particles and sediments…

Physical and chemical pre-treatment of waste water

  • Precipitation, coagulation, flocculation, adsorption, sedimentation, flotation, filtration.

Biological treatment of waste water

  • Industry (Technologies: SBR, MBR, MBBR…)
  • Utility (Technologies: standard aerobic biology, MBR, MBBR, IFAS, MABR, MCBR, RBBR, RCN, straining, biodiscs, SBR…).

Air treatment

  • Biofilters, air washers…

Sludge treatment

  • Dehydration (centrifuges, chamber filter presses, presses, tape filter presses, kneading devices…)
  • Solidification and hygienisation (preparation of sludge for landfill, prevention of development of microorganisms…)


  • Anaerobic digestion of sludge

Sludge drying

  • Drying centrifuges, rotary dryers, solar drying, tape dryers…

Sludge incineration

  • Upgrading the drying technology

Sludge composting

  • Static, dynamic…

Preparation of drinking water

  • Preparation of drinking water by membrane filtration or with sand filters.

Preparation of technological water

  • Physical and chemical water preparation, various filtrations, adsorption…

Special treatment of process liquids

  • Neutralisation, oxidation, catalytic oxidation…

We cooperate with equipment manufacturers:

Comteh representing several manufacturers of equipment that is related to different ecological techniques.



A German company that, in addition to standard products in the field of oil and water separation – oil skimmers, processing of cooling lubricants or oil treatment and water disposal, also offers specific solutions such as magnetic filters and electrostatic oil treatment.




Denios manufactures products in the following fields:

  • environmental protection/storage of hazardous waste and other waste,
  • production equipment/convenient (handling) systems,
  • disposal/treatment,
  • workplace safety/personal protective equipment.



If you would like to see our reference projects, please contact us.