Waste water treatment

Utility treatment plants

Our knowledge is not limited to the size of the treatment plant or waste water treatment technology. We have experience with treatment plants sized 1 to tens of thousands of PE (1PE means 1 population equivalent, or the amount of pollution produced by 1 human in 1 day).


Industrial waste treatment plants

Within the scope of the company’s activities, we design and manufacture industrial treatment plants where treatment needs to be adjusted to specific properties of waste water. In our program we offer both biological treatment plants as well as treatment plants (pre-treatment) that operate according to the physical and chemical principle of treatment, or treatment plants combining both procedures.

The approach to solving the problem must be individual and based on the best possible knowledge of the industry.

Pilot experiments are the most important for seeking suitable technologies for industrial treatment plants. These provide basic information on both the technology and the treatment effect, and only on the basis of such data can the design of the treatment plant be successfully predicted.

The company also has pilot devices at its disposal to conduct pilot experiments. Experiments have already been conducted where waste water from the chemical industry, the petrochemical industry, dairies, the textile industry, farms, leather factories and other industry sectors was treated.